2)–Catholic priest bemoans poor detention facilities

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——-A Roman Catholic priest from the
diocese of Livingstone has called for the transformation of
detention facilities in the country.

 Father Kelvin Mufalu said that the current detention facilities in
the country were constructed before Zambia attained its independence.

 Fr Mufalu was speaking in Livingstone at Christ the King Parish in
Libuyu township where he noted that structures that had been left by the
colonialists were built under the perception that Africans were less human.

   “The whites left us police cells, theses colonial structures have
no toilets, the whites believed that Africans were not humans and built
slavery cells, you put your fellow brothers in the same cells,” he

He said cells should be a place where an arrested  person can reflect on their well-being
and that just being confined there was punishment enough.

 He said that it was sad that successive governments that have ruled the country had
also inherited some of the bad laws like the public order act.