Central province controls Swine flu, alert for any further outbreak

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Central province controls Swine flu, alert for any further outbreak

Kabwe, March 6, ZANIS ————-Over 1000 cases of Swine flu have been recorded in Serenje where the disease broke out three weeks ago as no death has been experienced in the district.

Central Province Acting Medical Officer Abel Kabalo disclosed during the provincial epidemic preparedness committee meeting held in the boma conference hall at the provincial administration in Kabwe today.

Dr Kabalo further disclosed that symptoms of the disease have shown in Mumbwa district where district health office has sent specimen to Lusaka for further investigation to ascertain the actual problem.

Dr Kabalo was however quick to say that the province has managed to control the outbreak of the air borne disease in Serenje district and has put in place active surveillance team to monitor the situation.

He told the meeting which was chaired by Central Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Ronald Sinyangwe that major challenges that included inadequate transport, fuel and funds made it difficult for team to fully respond to the outbreak.

He however commended government and the office of the District Commissioner for the support rendered to ensure the Swine flu outbreak is controlled in the area.

Meanwhile, Serenje district Medical officer, Tiza Mfune explained that the disease was noticed sometime in January following a rising number of people with similar health complaints in nearly all health facilities.

He said this prompted his office to send samples of specimen to Lusaka for investigation which came out positive later.

And speaking earlier, Deputy Permanent Secretary Ronald Sinyangwe urged all stakeholders to rise to the occasion and do everything possible to ensure the outbreak is contained and did not spread to the other parts of the province.

Mr Sinyangwe said government is conscious and alive to the health and social implications of any outbreak and as such concerted efforts from stakeholders were needed to prevent further outbreaks so as to save lives and resources.

He directed all District Commissioners in the province to expedite execution of any outstanding works in their respective districts to do with drainage cleaning, street cleaning, water and sanitation in all public premises and medical examination for all food handlers and all that is necessary to prevent further outbreaks.

Mr Sinyangwe further urged districts that have not experienced the Swine flu not to relax but put in prevention measures to avoid the outbreak of the disease in their areas.

Serenje district recorded 1403 cases of Swine flu, the disease which has since been put under control.