YALI appeals for a reduced cabinet

Young African Leaders Initiative

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has appealed to the government to reduce  the number of deputy ministers in ministries in order to cut down on expenses.

YALI Executive Board Secretary Mundia Hakoola said this in a telephone interview with ZANIS today that reduction in the number of deputy ministers would enhance the development of the country.

Mr Hakoola said having more than one deputy minister in one ministry will only hinder the country’s development as it will expose the government to unnecessary expenditures that can improve the lives of many Zambians.

Mr Hakoola added that instead of having three deputy ministers like it is in the Home Affairs Ministry, government should reduce the number and take into consideration the welfare of the people who are suffering.

He said many people in the country are suffering and if government will not take into account cutting down on the number of deputy ministers people will continue to suffer as is the case in sinazongwe were they are subjected to eating grass because of poverty.

Mr Hakoola however congratulated the PF government for considering young people in the cabinet and advised the government to continue with such appointments to enhance youth leadership.

He said it is good that the President is appointing young people to fill positions at deputy minister level thereby providing them an opportunity to exhibit their leadership skills at national level.