Ministry of agriculture urged to access state ranch in Shangombo

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Ministry of agriculture urged to access state ranch in Shangombo

Mongu, March 5, ZANIS —— Governmnet has directed Ministry of Agriculture to quickly visit the Kanyau State Ranch in Shangombo district in Western Province in order to access its requirements in readiness for cattle restocking.

This came to light during a Provincial Heads Management meeting addressed by the Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba in Mongu yesterday.

This was after Provincial Agriculture Coordinator (PACO) Liembani Liembani informed the meeting that agriculture has been allocated about KR3 Million to revive Kanyau State Ranch in Shangombo district.

The Permanent Secretary advised the PACO to check for any razor wire to quickly fence off the ranch, so that the cattle restocking programme is rolled out.

Mr Mwamba said government was eager to uplift people’s lives from poverty and improve the quality of cattle in the province.

The Permanent Secretary however complained that currently farmers cannot transport their animals to Lusaka due to the livestock disease burden.

Earlier, Mr Liembani disclosed that the province will have a laboratory where cattle will be artificially inseminated.

In another development Mr Liembani challenged farmers in the province to take advantage of a fish production center in Kaoma district where farmers can buy fingerlings for fish ponds and improve their income as well as nutrition.

And Mr Mwamba said the project requires support from all stakeholders because it is meant to help in fish restocking.