President Sata’s anti-graft approach praised

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– Originators of Global Mini-City Developments Co-president Kathleen Shikalukey has hailed President Michael Sata for his unwavering commitment in fighting corruption in the country.

Dr. Shikalukey says President Sata needs to be commended for allegedly removing NAPSA as owners of the Levy Junction Shopping mall, along Church road next to Lusaka main business district.

ZANIS reports that the Originators of Global Mini-City Developments Co-president Kathleen Shikalukey

Dr. Shikalukey,  who is also from the Mission Now Critical to All The World Ministries,  said the President’s move was in line with her organisation’s desire for government to investigate the alleged corrupt sale of former Engineering CSO that occurred in 2007.

She further alleged that the sale of ESCO properties were marred with irregularities and sold for a song hence depriving both then sitting tenants and government of revenue.

According to Dr. Shikalukey, her organisation had intended to allocate ESCO 30 percent and another 30 percent to government while 40 percent would have gone to its partners inclusive of profit proceeds.

She has however advised President Sata to give a presidential directive to create what she called originators of global mini-city developments commission with diplomatic and parastatel components to be headed by a commissioner.