Rainy season not over -Nkomoki

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Rainy season not over -Nkomoki

Lusaka, February 27, ZANIS-The Zambia Meteorological Department says the rainy season has not ended.

Zambia Meteorological Department Director Jack Nkomoki explained to ZANIS in an interview that the dry spell experienced in some parties of the Country is due to the change in the rain pattern.

He further explained that the change in the rain pattern has been caused by the strong pressure winds blowing over the Indian Ocean.

Mr Nkomoki said the strong pressure winds have caused the rain pattern to move towards the northern part of Zambia.

He cited North Western, Northern, Muchinga and Copperbelt provinces as some of the areas that will receive a lot of rains due to the change in the rain system.

Mr. Nkomoki said the rains will be confided to the Northern and Eastern part of the Country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nkomoki said Southern province will receive very little rainfall due to the change in the rainfall pattern.

However Mr Nkomoki said the rain system will change once the strong pressure winds change direction.