Malupenga expresses happiness at the ZANIS HQ ‘s office repairs

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Malupenga expresses happiness at the ZANIS HQ ‘s office repairs


Lusaka, February, 27.ZANIS— Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary AMOS Malupenga has expressed satisfaction at the ion going rehabilitation works taking place Zambia News AND Information Services headquarters at the mass media complex.


Mr. Malupenga expressed his happiness at the timely completion of the phase one renovation works.


ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this when he inspected the newly renovated   ZANIS offices at Mass Media Complex in Lusaka today.


He explained that  when he toured the ZANIS offices last year, he was saddened that most of the offices were in a deplorable state.


He said it was form this venture that he vowed to ensure that the situation is averted in the shortest possible time.


He expressed happiness that the works were done within a period of five months, saying government will soon move on to phase to two of the renovations project which will include acquiring new equipment and furniture for the institution.


Mr. Malupenga hoped that the improved working environment would inspire staff at the institution to improve their work culture.


The Permanent Secretary added that government will soon extend the renovation exercise to the Provincial ZANIS Offices countrywide.


Mr. Malupenga said government is aware that there are still critical areas that need attention which will be attended to when funds are available.


Meanwhile, ZANIS Director Patrick Lungu thanked government for improving the working environment at the institution.


Mr. Lungu said the renovations will enable ZANIS staff to be motivated to work even harder.


The renovation works at ZANIS begun late last year and include Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Offices and ZANIS staff offices.