Nevers condemns violence in Livingstone

Nevers Mumba
MMD president Nevers Mumba says he strongly condemns the violence in Livingstone regardless of the perpetrator.

The violence in the tourist capital on Monday evening claimed the life of a PF member Henry Chanda, resulting in the arrest of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema together with several of his members including two Members of Parliament Garry Nkombo and Request Muntanga.

Dr. Mumba in a statement issued by his Director of Communications Muhabi Lungu says the violence in Livingstone, whether perpetrated by the ruling PF or the opposition UPND should be condemned.

He says no form of violence should be entertained in a democratic nation like Zambia where divergent views need to be respected.

Dr. Mumba states that political parties participating in an election should solicit for support by using ideas and not violence.

He has since urged the police in southern province to thoroughly investigate the matter instead of rushing to act.