Hunger looms in Nalolo following floods

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—-Three ward Councillors in Nalolo Constituency in Senanga district have appealed to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) under the Vice President’s Office to carry out an assessment of the looming hunger in their areas caused by excessive floods.

The councillors, namely Mutumba Muletetwi of Lyamakumba Ward, Mulele Mukoma of Shekela Ward and Anakoka Sitibekiso of Kataba Ward said the heavy rains experienced in the recent past have caused heavy floods in people’s maize fields.

The councillors, who were speaking in a walk in interview with ZANIS, said the floods have mostly affected the most fertile lower lands where most people do their farming.

Mr Muletetwi, who spoke on behalf of the other civic leaders, said most maize fields are either submerged or have the maize washed away.

He said their wards will experience serious hunger this year as the harvest is expected to be very poor.

Mr Muletetwi appealed to the DMMU to begin making preparations to take relief food to the affected areas.

He said the affected areas should be supported with relief food a period of six months as no meaningful harvest is expected this year.

He named some of the most hit areas as Nambwae, Mapungu, Lilwa and Likulwe.

Mr Muletetwi said the councillors have already reported the matter to Senanga district Commissioner, Yumei Mihupulo.