Midwives to undergo sonography training

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Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Welani Chilengwe has said it has plans to establish Midwifery Sonography Training in the country.

Sonography is an ultrasound kind of technology that would enable midwives to detect possible problems and complications to expectant mothers at an early stage and before delivery.

Mr. Chilengwe explained that the training was aimed at giving additional training to the basic midwifery practice.

He was speaking in Lusaka today during the official opening of the Medical and Midwives Sonography Symposium.

He has noted that Zambia has for the past suffered the consequences of not having skilled birth attendants who are empowered with midwifery skills.

Mr. Chilengwe added that this has resulted in an increase in the maternal and neo-natal complications in pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period.

And speaking earlier, Director of Clinical Care Gardener Siakantu said the Ministry of Health was planning to address problems and complications that pregnant mothers were faced with in a comprehensive manner.

Dr. Siakantu said government was exploring initiatives to train the midwives because of the high maternal mortality rates that the country has been recording.