Government calls for sensitization on TV levy

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Government calls for sensitization on TV levy

Chinsali, February 20, ZANIS —- Muchinga Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Jewis Chabi says there is need to intensify the sensitization campaign on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) TV levy law especially in rural areas.

Mr Chabi said information on TV levy has not reached many people in remote areas, hence the need to continue creating more awareness on the benefits of paying TV levy in order to sustain the operations of the national broadcaster.

Mr Chabi said people need to be sensitized first on the need to pay TV Levy adding that TV Levy inspectors will find it easy to collect the levy once people have been fully sensitized.

“You can only be assured of total compliance on TV Levy from the people if they have been fully sensitized.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary however, said there is hope that there will be a lot of change in Muching province with regards to TV Levy compliance.

Mr Chabi was speaking at his office yesterday when ZNBC TV Levy Inspectors paid a courtesy call on him.

And Chinsali District Administrative Officer Noah Simulunga has appealed to members of the public in the district to comply and pay TV levy and contribute to the digital migration from analogue to Digital terrestrial television broadcasting.

Meanwhile, TV Levy Inspector Victor Chilonge has commended the government for its unending support on TV Levy.

Mr Chilonge has also appealed to the residents of Muchinga province to work together with ZNBC by paying the levy and contribute to the betterment of the national broadcaster in terms of programming.

Mr Chilonge also explained to the residents that the poor signal being experienced in some parts of the country is due to the fact that ZNBC is still using analogue equipment to transmit its programmes, adding that once ZNBC goes digital, both picture and audio quality will greatly improve.