Eastern water utility company hikes water tariffs

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Eastern water utility company hikes water tariffs

Chipata, February 20, ZANIS —– Eastern Water and Sewerage Company (EWSC) has increased the water tariff by 20 percent with effect from 1st February 2013.

Company Public Relations Officer Henry Nsofwa confirmed the increment of water tariffs to ZANIS in Chipata yesterday.


Mr Nsofwa said customers would now be required to pay the new 20 percent increment to the provincial water utility company by this month end.


He explained that the company made a proposal to the National Water and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) to hike the water tariffs.


He said NWASCO had no objection to the proposal and granted the company a go ahead with the tariff increase.


Mr Nsofwa however, noted that even customers using the Kiosk system would now be required to charge customs KR2.50 from KR2.00 while domestic customers will be paying from KR2.55 to KR6.25 depending on the area consumption cubic meters.


He added that those metered but non domestic customers and are above level six will be paying KR6.90 consumption cubic meters.


And Mr Nsofwa has disclosed that Chipata district is still faced with sewer challenges despite carrying out some rehabilitation on the network in Kapata township F section.


He said in October last year the company finished rehabilitating section F in Kapata but complaints have continued to come concerning sewer problem.


He said customers in the affected area have continued to use the old system despite having a new network system laid for them.


Mr Nsofwa stated that ever since the system was laid down very few customers have been able to connect to the system.


He stated that each household of section F is required to buy a toilet pan and sewer pipes to connect to the rehabilitated system saying this is the only way to alleviate the sewer problem in this section.


He further attributed the problem of frequent sewer blockages to the encroachments on the sewer installation lines thereby making it impossible for the sewer to flow to the designated places.