Kasempa council owes workers KR 1 million salary arrears

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—Kasempa District Council owes its members of staff more than KR 1, million in outstanding salary arrears dating as far back 2001.


Kasempa District Council Secretary, Patson Kabopa, could not, however, disclose the council’s intention to settle the outstanding salary arrears, saying that depends on the availability of funds.


And some council workers who sought anonymity complained to ZANIS of the inconsistency of paying salary arrears which they said affected their families.


According to sources, the council has not addressed the issue of paying off salary arrears for years and wondered when the institution would clear the members of staff.


Meanwhile, Mr Kapoba noted that government released K300 million in January this year to clear part of the outstanding arrears which were owned to council workers between January 1 and July 31, 2012.


This follows an agreement signed between the Local Government Commission and the government to take on board all management staff in divisions one and two on government payroll effective January 2012.


Mr Kapoba said workers on the government payroll have been receiving salaries from August 2012 to date and were only owed from January to July of which part of the arrears have been cleared.


And in another development, Kasempa District Council owns retirees money amounting to KR 854,150.