I don’t abuse government resources-Scott

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Vice President Guy Scott has reiterated that he was entitled to using government resources on any kind of public duty he undertakes.


Dr. Scott said he was not in any way abusing government resources even when he was campaigning in constituencies where there were parliamentary by-elections.


He said Zambians were free to amend the constitution to remove some of his entitlements if they felt that government resources were being abused.


He was speaking in Livingstone today when he featured on the Vic Falls Radio programme known as “At Check Point”.


Dr. Scott was reacting to allegations that he was abusing public resources by going round to campaign for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) candidate, Lawrence Evans, in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election in Livingstone.


He argued that when third Republican President Levy Mwanawasa died in 2008, former President Rupiah Banda, who was then Vice President, had access to a helicopter, a plane and vehicles for his easy mobility.


“You the people of Zambia have the freedom to change the constitution because that is law. I can move here and there as your Republican Vice President. If you don’t want that, l urge you to make submissions to the ongoing constitution making process which is the technical committee,” he said.


And Dr. Scott has said the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) conference in August this year will be a test case for Zambia because it will reflect who organized the government and the Zambian people.


The conference will be co-hosted by Zambia and neighbouring Zimbabwe.


He said the conference, which will be a one week’s event, will save Zambia’s reputation if it ends on a good note.


And Minister of Tourism and Arts, Sylvia Masebo said Zambia rakes a paltry US$ 250 million annually while Zimbabwe earns nearly US$ 1billion from the tourist visits.


Mrs. Masebo said South Africa earns US$9 billion while Botswana and Kenya get US$ 2 billion each on an annual basis.


She has therefore called for a united force from all stakeholders to improve the tourism sector in Zambia for it to earn more money every year.