Govt urges opposition leaders to apologise for treachery, un-patriotism

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—Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has asked opposition political party leader Hakainde Hichilema, and his counterparts, Nevers Mumba and Sakwiba Sikota, to apologize to the people of Zambia for being unpatriotic, self seeking and treacherous to the country.


In a statement made available to ZANIS today, Mr Sakeni said government strongly feels that the action taken by the trio was unjustifiable, irresponsible, uncalled for and unbefitting of leaders aspiring to govern this country.


He noted that government was pleased that some level-headed citizens have expressed their views and dissatisfaction of what he termed as reckless and corrupt actions of treachery to the nation.

The chief government spokesperson described the opposition leaders’ recent conduct in South Africa as abhorrent and politically suicidal.


He advised the trio that it is highly risky for them to think that they would hide on former President Rupiah Banda’s back as he is currently refusing to be interviewed by law enforcement agencies in order for him to face corruption charges.


Mr Sakeni further urged the Zambian people to critically analyze the opposition leaders as they present themselves as alternatives for what they really are and weigh the value they represent and the motives for their actions.


He stated that the opposition leaders are only bent on boosting their diminishing political fortunes and advised them to be mindful that the Commonwealth is a reputable community of nations with well laid out values and could, therefore, not hid to attention seekers.


He called on the nation to remember that these same opposition leaders had at the time they lost the 2011 general elections declared to make this country ungovernable.


Mr Sakeni, however, hoped that this was the last time that the opposition political leaders embarrassed the nation.


Earlier this week, opposition United Party for national Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema, Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD)’s Nevers Mumba and United Liberal Party leader, Sakwiba Sikota, reportedly went to South Africa to present a petition to the Commonwealth on the alleged Human Rights abuses in Zambia.