Government warns its workers against disloyalty

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Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security Ronald Chitotela has called on public workers in Kasempa district to remain loyal to the Patriotic Front (PF) government in order to foster development.


Mr. Chitotela said the PF government signed a social contract with the people of Zambia to protect and preserve the dignity of the country and would therefore not take kindly any public worker going against the affirmation that was signed.


He said government would not tolerate any public worker who has intention to frustrate its programmes because the PF has the responsibility to deliver quality services to people who voted it in power.


He further disclosed that the PF government has the intention to extend its contract after it expires in 2016 based on the performance within the five years period.


“The PF government signed a social contract with the people of Zambia and based on the performance we would want the people of Zambia to give us a second chance and therefore we will not allow any public workers to frustrate our programmes,” he said.


He said government would only work with civil servants who are productive and have intentions of developing the nation.


Mr. Chitotela has since advised civil servants who have political intentions to resign.

He was speaking in Kasempa when addressed civil servants in the council chamber today.

Mr. Chitotela emphasised on genuine public workers to have a PF manifesto because it was where government policies were driven.


He also implored public workers to change their mindset and understand the PF manifesto in order to implement government policies correctly.


And Mr. Chitotela has reaffirmed government’s position to dismiss officers who have the habit of reporting late for work.


He said this after paying a surprise visit to all government departments and found some offices still locked by 08:00 hours this morning.


Mr. Chitotela, who is also Lubwe Member of Parliament (MP), noted that when civil servants report late for work late, it was the people of Kasempa and the government that would suffer.


Meanwhile Assistant Labour Commissioner Venus Seti told civil servants to manage time as it was an important factor in production.


Dr. Seti said civil servants have been entrusted with the responsibility to manage the affairs of the nation on behalf of the President.


He said if the responsibility was not managed properly, the economy of the country would be affected.


He also said that civil servants who accept change find it easier to work with any government of the day.