Chieftainess Sokontwe calls for increased water points in her area

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Chieftainess Sokontwe calls for increased water points in her area

Milenge, Thursday, 14 February 2013 – ZANIS – Chieftainess Sokontwe has called for increased water points in her chiefdom because of an increased village population in the chiefdom.

Chieftains Sokontwe’s representative Florence Chipe disclosed that most people in her chiefdom were villages use water which is appear yellow in colour because of the nature of the soil in her chiefdom.

She said there was need to sink standard boreholes in most villages because the populations have swelled and the water points were failing to cope with the demand and pressure on the few boreholes.

She suggested that there was need to have two to three boreholes in big villages to reduce the pressure on the limited water points currently in the villages.

She said she was grateful to Water Aid for the sensitization activities that were carried out in many villages of her chiefdom which has raised public awareness on issues of safe water use through boiling and chlorinating.

She said there was appreciable public awareness also on issues of sanitation issues on the use of standard toilets to prevent many water borne diseases.

She said many villages have adopted good practices of how to use the toilets and washing their hands after visiting the toilet.

And Water Aid Luapula Province Project Manager Moses Mumba says Milenge District was enjoying the benefits of public sensitization  on safe water methods and sanitation.

Mr. Mumba says from 86 villages, 16 responded quickly and benefited from the toilet projects which was funded by UNICEF.

He said Water Aid and the Milenge Council supported the UNICEF toilet project in the district because it was intended to benefit the same community in which Water Aids was working.