Church condemns stealing from accident victims

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Church condemns stealing from accident victims


Lusaka,February,14.ZANIS—The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the trend of robbing accident victims shows that moral decay has grown rampant in the country.


And Christian Coalition Zambia has described the act as devilish.


Speaking to ZANIS in an interview today, EFZ Executive Director, Rev Pukuta Mwanza, said it is appalling that any person in their right mind could steal from dead or injured people.



Rev Mwanza said such high levels of materialism should never be encouraged as they pose a danger to society.


He called on law enforcement agencies to ensure that culprits involved in such acts are brought to book.


And Christian Coalition General Secretary Bishop, Alick Mbewe, wondered where such a demonic trend came from as hospitality has always been part of Zambian culture.


In an interview with ZANIS, Bishop Mbewe said there is need for police to respond more rapidly when an accident happens if such occurrences are to be prevented.


He called for stringent measures to be matted out on anyone caught in such acts to deter more people from doing the same.


Money and other things like phones have been reported missing by relatives of the recent tragic Chibombo accident victims.


It is alleged that people from surrounding villages robbed the accident victims before police arrived on the scene.


And a Kabwe General Hopital Mortuary attendant was arrested yesterday for allegedly stealing from dead bodies of the accident victims brought to the mortuary.