Women organisations disturbed with women involvement in high-level crime

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Some women movements in the country have expressed disappointment with revelations of women being involved in criminal activities related to copper theft.


Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) Executive Director, Patricia Ndhlovu, told ZANIS today that it is saddening to note that women are getting involved in crime at a higher level.


Ms Ndhlovu said government has put in place prudent economic empowerment schemes as a way of liberating women from poverty and there was no need for the womenfolk to go so far in crime.


She stated that the onus lies on the female folk to get mobilized and come up with legal income generating ventures to keep them away from any forms of theft.


She appealed to women to be exemplary in their conduct in society as quick money will never be a solution to everyday hurdles.


Ms Ndhlovu also implored government to intensify sensitization on the acquisition of the Economic Empowerment Funds both to women and the youths countrywide.


She further called on women in Zambia to take advantage of the International Women’s Day commemorations to reflect on their significant role and come up with constructive avenues of contributing to national development.


And Non Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Chairperson, Beatrice Grillo, has called on the Zambian women community to realise their potential to sort out challenges which have been a hindrance in their quest to economic freedom.


Ms Grillo asked government to make the Economic Empowerment Scheme more favourable to women especially those who are vulnerable.


She also called for an audit into the economic empowerment program to ensure that the process goes to supporting intended beneficiaries.


Government has put up several economic empowerment projects with a view of uplifting the welfare of vulnerable groups, among them women and the youths.


Recently, there have been reports suggesting women engaging in all sorts of criminal vices, with the latest being that of a woman being connected to the 100 bag-Livingstone Copper Cathode scam.