Katombola MP calls for coordinated development approach in Kazungula

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Katombola Member of Parliament Derrick Livune has called on all stakeholders in Kazungula district to develop a coordinated approach for the development of the district.


Mr. Livune, who is opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) MP, said civil servants and other stakeholders in the district should work together to foster development in the area.


He said civil servants should comply with the needs of their departments and bring out challenges so that government can address them while other stakeholders should put in the best in their activities.


He said Members of Parliament and ward councilors were sometimes blamed for lack of development in their respective areas despite the fact that funds are provided by the national treasury.


Mr. Livune said MPs and civic leaders work hard in spearheading development by lobbying for resources from the relevant authorities to develop their respective areas.


And Mr. Livune has disclosed that he enjoys good working relations with the government of the day


Mr. Livune charged that opposition Members of Parliament should not criticize government even when it was not necessary but should give due credit.


He said it was good to praise government when it was working according to the people’s expectations.


The Katombola Member of Parliament said he would only criticize government when it implements bad laws are because he was in the opposition to provide checks and balances.


Mr. Livune said it was only by being objective that government can be guided on how to govern the properly country.