ZANIS COPY – Kampengele sad with poor work culture in hospitals

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-Lusaka District Commissioner (DC), Ashell Kampengele, has expressed disappointment at the working culture of medical personnel in some health institutions in Lusaka.

Mr Kampengele said he is not happy that some medical personnel in some hospitals have adopted a laizzer feire attitude towards work.

He was speaking in Lusaka today when he undertook an impromptu tour of Chawama and Kanyama first level hospitals.

At Kanyama first level hospital, Mr Kampengele noted that the nurses were not giving the patients the necessary attention they deserved.

He said it is unfortunate to see patients lying around unattended to while nurses and clinical officers were just lazing about doing nothing.

The DC called on the Sister-in-Charge at the hospital, Christine Nyoni, to ensure medical staff works closely with the patients to improve the provision of medical care in line with the Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto.

“As medical personnel, ypu have to work closely with these people; you are here because of them,” He said.

He stated that his office will work closely with the Classified Daily Employees (CDEs) at the hospital to get information on how operations at the hospital were progressing.

Mr Kampengele has disclosed that his office has received a lot of complaints pertaining to the poor attitudes of medical personnel towards patients in some hospitals and clinics in Lusaka district.

“I am reliably informed that you have a habit of reporting late for work and that you knock off early,” Mr Kampengele charged.

He has since advised the workers to change their working culture and treat patients in a manner befitting of a human being.

And Kanyama Sister-in-Charge, Christine Nyoni, complained of staff shortage at the hospital which she said has seriously impacted negatively on the provision of medical care.

Ms Nyoni stressed the need for Government to deploy more medical staff at the hospital to improve operations.

She noted that Kanyama is densely populated, hence the need to have more medical personnel at the hospital unlike the current situation where one medical staff had to attend to more than 100 people in a day.

At Chawama First Level Hospital, the DC was not impressed with the overcrowding of patients at the hospital.

Mr Kampengele also noted that the hospital lacks medicine to administer to patients.

He assured the hospital management that he would consult relevant authorities to look into the matter as it was urgent.

He appealed to the medical staff at the hospital to always endeavour to provide quality health services to the community if the country was to have a healthy population.