ZANIS COPY – Govt advises Senanga council to use CDF to buy graders

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—Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister, Forrie Tembo, has advised councils in Western Province to seriously consider buying earth moving equipment from Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

Speaking when he addressed a meeting of council workers in the Council Chamber on over the weekend, Mr Tembo said such a move would assist in improving the road network in the area.

He urged councillors in all the local authorities in the province to sacrifice smaller projects for a year and concentrate on buying earth moving machinery.

Mr Tembo said once bought, the equipment would also help in areas, such as garbage collection, which have been a challenge for most councils in the country.

Mr Tembo observed that fragmenting CDF into small projects has rendered the fund irrelevant to the needs of communities as the impact is not felt.

He said most councils in the country have realized the importance of owning earth moving equipment in order to improve service delivery, especially in the road sector.

At the same meeting, the minister said his ministry has this year allocated funds for the upgrading to bituminous standard a 15 kilometre stretch of township roads.