ZANIS COPY-Vision Africa builds a community centre in Linda compound

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Vision Africa, a United Kingdom (UK) based non-governmental organization, has constructed a community centre known as “Friends Helping Friends” has officially handed over the same to Linda Open Community School in Kanyama constituency in Lusaka.

Kanyama Member of Parliament (MP) Gerry Chanda said Vision Africa-UK has been assisting the community and Linda Open Community School for a long time now.

Colonel Chanda said in a speech read for him by Patriotic Front (PF) Munkolo Ward 12 Councilor Jiptus Mwanza that the community and the school have been empowered with a developmental facility.

He pointed out that the building of the centre would not have been a success without the efforts that the UK based organization put in.

Col. Chanda, who is also Northern Province Minister, called on the school management and members of the community to help guard the facility jealously.

He noted that the infrastructure should be guarded against vandalism by all means possible for it to last long.

Col. Chanda said vandalism retards the development process of the country.

Meanwhile, Vision Africa UK Trustee Mike Parker told ZANIS that his organization pumped 45, 000 British pounds in the construction of the centre.

Mr. Parker said the infrastructure will be of great benefit to the members of the community in Linda compound and to the school.

He added that the facility would not only be used by the school alone but by members of the community such as women who would be trained in various skills programmes.

And Linda Open Community School Head Teacher Meman Mwandila thanked Vision Africa UK for building the centre.

Mr. Mwandila pointed out that the UK based organization has been an all weather friend to the school.