ZANIS COPY – PF refutes MMD claims of popularity

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PF refutes MMD claims of popularity

Lusaka, February 8, ZANIS —— The Patriotic Front has refuted claims by Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima on Hot FM news that the MMD was extremely popular across the country.

PF Media and Publicity Director Chanda Mfula has disputed the claimed popularity of the former ruling party and charged that the MMD will not return to power as Zambians have moved to a better party and government.

Mr Mfula noted that the MMD cannot make a comeback because of many challenges they left in which Mr Mbulakulima was part of.

He said that the PF government needs the continued support of all Zambians to turn the situation around as signs of improving from negative to positive are already there though, a complete recovery will take a little more time.

The Media and Publicity Director stated in a statement posted on the PF website that the MMD lost power in 2011 after 20 years of subjecting the country to theft and corruption, a situation he said has led to the breakdown of the country’s social and economic well-being.

Mr Mfula who pointed out the PF government’s committed hard work to repair the country, however noted that the turnaround will take long because of the extent of the damage left by the former ruling party.

“So far the PF government has embarked on construction of schools countrywide with an average of 10 schools earmarked for construction in each of the country’s 10 provinces. The construction of the Robert Kapasa Makasa University is nearing completion and many more universities have been planned in other parts of the country. The PF government has also planned to construct 650 health posts countrywide to increase access to health care services for the citizens,” stated Mr Mfula.

He explained that late last year, President Michael Sata, flagged off the Link Zambia 8000 Project, which will see major construction of roads countrywide to the tune of not less than 8000 kilometres, making Zambia the most land-linked country in the region.

He noted that another project, dubbed Pave Zambia 2000 will result in the paving of township roads countrywide.

Both projects will create thousands of jobs for Zambians.

Mr Mfula stressed that the President has already created a number of new districts to improve local administration and grassroots participation in the running of government at local level, which he said is a step towards decentralized governance.

He added that the PF government has moved to strengthen the anti-corruption crusade by reinstating the Abuse of Office Clause in the statutes, and the continued investigation and prosecution of corruption.

He further stated that the constitution making process is on course, as well as the judicial reforms that will see an improvement in the justice delivery system.

He observed that during the MMD government, the media was subjected to abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment and closure of media houses noting that the PF has liberated the public media and allowed them to enjoy editorial independence, while the private media has been enjoying unprecedented freedom.

He disclosed that over 10 new radio stations and one TV station have been licensed and 13 granted construction permits since the PF took over power in September 2011.