ZANIS COPY – Chipata council accused of advertising inexistent plots

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———Chipata Municipal Council in Eastern Province has been accused of advertising and offering plots which are non-existence.

Some emotionally gripped residences who were offered plots in highlands medium cost and Marshlands in 2010 said the council had not shown them plots to develop despite paying the development fees to the local authority.

One of the affected residents, Samuel Banda, who was offered a plot in Marshland area, told ZANIS that the council had not yet shown him the plot to develop since 2010 when he paid KR 4,760 as development fee.

Mr Banda who described the plots as bogus said that the authority had been on several occasions advertising plots without considering him.

And another resident who sought anonymity stated that she was also offered a plot in highland in 2010 but since then the authority had failed to show her the plot.

She said despite making efforts to follow up the matter, the council had failed to prove that the plot existed.

She noted that KR6, 260 was paid as development charge in 2010, adding that she had been inconvenienced as she had spent much of her time following up the issue.

And when contacted for a comment, Chipata Municipal Council Town, Clerk Ekan Chingangu, said he was aware of some misunderstanding that ensued between the would- be developers and the people that were occupying the mentioned sites, saying the local authority had started attending to them.

Mr Chingangu assured those affected residents that the authority would next month start putting beacons to allow them develop their plots.

“As the council we are not happy to see that people are not developing their plots despite paying a lot of money to acquire it. I, therefore, want to assure them that the council will soon put beacons so that they start developing, “he said.

He stated that the residents occupying the land believed that the land was theirs without knowing that to acquire it there were right procedures to follow.