DC commends World Vision

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 Lundazi District Commissioner Janet Mvula has commended World Vision for strengthening the capacity building of Village Disaster Satellite Committees in disaster prone areas of Lundazi.

Ms Mvula said there was need for non government organizations to supplement government efforts in strengthening the capacity building of local disaster satellite committees in order to mitigate and manage disasters in their communities.

The District Commissioner was speaking in Lundazi yesterday when she opened a four day workshop organized by World Vision on capacity building on Village Disaster Satellite Committees drowned from Chief Chikomeni.

She observed that most satellite committees in disaster prone areas are dormant and inactive only become active when they receive relief food from government.

The District Commissioner said satellite committees in disaster prone areas should not wait until calamity or disaster struck them for the committee to become active but should always be pro-active through out the year by embarking on disaster risks reduction activities.

And Ms Mvula has castigated villagers for concentrating on growing unedible crops such as cotton and tobacco instead of crops like maize, groundnuts, sunflower among others if hunger was to be defeated.

Meanwhile, World Vision Acting Manager for Humanitarians and Emergency Affairs, Bernard Zgambo said the objectives of the workshop is to strengthening and capacity build Village Disaster Satellite Committees on key actors on process of disaster risk mitigation and

Mr Zgambo said Disaster Preparedness Prevention Mitigation and Management requires Satellites Committees which were pro-active and operational to withstand several risks and hazards such as floods, firebreaks, drought, pests among others.