Council intercepts condemned beef

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The Lusaka City Council (LCC) this morning burnt a total of 549.9 kg of beef for not satisfying the criteria for public consumption.
LCC Assistant Public Relations Manager, Mulunda Habeenzu, disclosed to ZANIS that the local authority intercepted the two open vans carrying the meat as they were about to enter Lusaka from Chibombo district.
Mr Habeenzu explained that the drivers of the intercepted vans did not have documents to prove that the meat had been inspected by health authorities and fit for human consumption.
He further explained that the drivers had also contravened the Public Health Act Regulation Number 42 which demands that the vehicle carrying the meat must be of van type, totally covered, braced with iron and be dust and weather proof.
Mr Habeenzu noted that the offenders did not meet this criterion as they were using open vans to transport the meat, thereby exposing the meat to dust.
He explained that after explaining the offences to the two people transporting the meat, they were agreeable and surrendered it to the council.
Mr Habeenzu said the meat has since been burnt and offenders set free.
H e said this is because the Act states that offenders can be set free if they surrender the meat.
Mr Habeenzu cautioned businessmen who deal in food stuffs to avoid inconvenience and adhere to the Public Health Act.
He stated that inspection of meat and other food will not be restricted to Lusaka only, adding that the LCC will work with district councils countrywide to ensure that food being sold to the public meets health standards.