Church canes media for nude pictures

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The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has condemned the persistence of some media houses for publishing nude photos despite wide condemnation.
Speaking to ZANIS in an interview today, CCZ General Secretary, Rev Suzanne Matale said CCZ is disappointed that some media houses have continued to publish nude photos with impunity in this era when the country is struggling with gender based violence.
Rev Matale stated that CCZ will continue to condemn such acts until the situation changes.
She expressed concern that exposing children to such indecent photos will promote bad behaviour as children do whatever they see.
Rev Matale said there is a danger of nudity becoming a norm if nothing is done to stop the bad morals the concerned media are promoting.
And Rev Matale has expressed concern at the lack of a proper regulatory system to monitor churches in the country.
She stated that the lack of this regulatory system is the cause of criminals posing to be pastors just to swindle people.
Rev Matale cautioned members of the public to be weary of people who call themselves pastors without any proof, as there are many false prophets who have invaded the country.