Britain reaffirms commitment to promoting human rights, peace

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British High Ambassador to Zambia, James Thornton, says the British Government remains committed in promoting human rights and peace in the world.

Mr Thornton says it is for this reason that the British Government was instrumental to the formation of the International Court of Justice in the Hague to deal with the perpetrators of genocide and other criminal injustices such as crimes against humanity.

Ambassador Thornton said this today ahead of the International Remembrance Day of the Holocaust at the United Nations Information Centre in Lusaka which falls on January 27, every year.

He also said the British Government has this year taken serious steps on the re-election of the Human rights council, adding that Holocaust Day reminds people world over when over six million Jews and a small number of Romans were brutally killed during the Second World War.

And Mr Thornton has praised Zambia for the country’s continued promotion of peace and Human Rights in the nation.
Mr Thornton noted that Zambia has remained a haven of peace for 48 years and that the country acts as an example to many African countries.

He further praised the First Republican President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, for having united the nation using the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto, which has continued to unite citizens of different tribes.

Meanwhile, Mr Thornton has hailed the Patriotic Front administration for taking keen interest in fighting gender based violence in the country.