Namulambe predicts victory

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The Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for the Mpongwe by elections, Gabriel Namulambe, has expressed confidence that he would scoop the seat come February 28th.

Mr Namulambe says he is assured of total support in Mpongwe Constituency, adding that he would be contesting on a party that is popular.

He said in Lusaka on Thursday that the PF has a live manifesto while other political parties’ manifestos are dead.

Mr Namulambe said the PF’s motive is to take development to the people of Mpongwe.

“People of Mpongwe should realize that the PF means business in these elections,” he said.

Mr Namulambe has since appealed to all political players to have issue-based campaigns prior to the by elections.

He has called on people of Mpongwe to rally behind him in the upcoming by elections just like they did in the 2011 General Elections.

Yesterday, the PF Central Committee adopted MrNamulambe for the Mpongwe by elections and Lawrence Evans for the Livingstone by elections.