Govt reaffirms its duty to maintain law and order

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Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu says it is the duty of government to put administrative measures to enhance law and order in the country.

Mr. Lungu has noted that law and order is part of constitutional-ism hence the need for government to enhance it for peace to prevail.

He was reacting to allegations by the United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy spoke’s person Cornelius Mweetwa that there was no legislature that allowed banning political party cadres from escorting their leaders when they are appearing for questioning at any police station.

Mr. Lungu said on Monday that it was unfortunate that UPND deputy spokes person wanted to defy government orders.
“It makes sense for me to enhance law that would allow peace to prevail,” he said

Mr. Lungu has accused UPND of perpetrating anarchy in the country adding that he would allow Zambians to judge who the anarchists are.

Last week, government banned escorts of either party cadres or a mob for any person summoned by police for questioning describing the trend as a recipe for unruly behavior and anarchy.