Seyuba donates blankets and pillows to Zambezi District Hospital

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Western province Permanent Secretary, Augustine Seyuba donated 60 blankets and six (6) pillows to Zambezi District Hospital after inspecting the wards.

Mr Seyuba also donated 10 x 50 kilogramme bags of maize for people who are taking care of patients in the hospital.

He expressed displeasure at the condition of the mother shelter and the surroundings at the hospital.

The Permanent Secretary made the donation when he tour the hospital in the district yesterday.

Zambezi District Hospital medical Officer, Dr. Nkomba Chamileke told the Permanent Secretary that the district hospital infrastructure is too old as it was constructed in 1954 and requested the government to
construct a different modern hospital.

Mr Seyuba also inspected the Zambezi district hospital sewer pipe which passes in front of Zambezi old market and discovered that some shops were constructed on top the sewer pipe.

He wondered why the local authority could allow people to construct shops on top of the pipe.