Senior Chief Mwewa ready to work with govt.

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A traditional healer has expressed commitment to forging ties with government in order to foster development in his area.

The Senior Chief Mwewa of the Ng’umbo people says that his royal establishment was ready to work with all stakeholders in order enhance the livelihood of his subjects.

ZANIS reports that the traditional ruler was speaking during a courtesy call paid on him by Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba who was on a familiarization tour of Samfya district,

Senior chief Mwewa of the N ’gumbo area however complained over the alleged negative reception he was getting from area Member of Parliament Mutaba Mwali going by what was happening currently in Chifunabuli Constituency which also covers Mwewa Chiefdom.

The traditional ruler lamented as to how he was allegedly being ignored by the area MP who has reportedly been in his Chiefdom twice but had not allegedly passed through to pay a courtesy call on him.

He said the situation was worrying and a growing source of concern for him to learn that the MP comes and goes and gets to hear it from his sub chiefs after he has gone as interaction for common good of developing the area together was more superior to  letting misunderstanding or differences to come in the way of development.

In admitting the status quo, the Snr. Chief said he believes the situation emanated from a little misunderstanding he had with Dr. Mwali  a long time ago, which he as a traditional ruler felt would hinder the smooth flow of development of his area.

And the Permanent Secretary has reassured the traditional ruler that her task was to fulfill the government’s policy by seeing that the chiefs work hand in hand with the Government of the day to spearhead development in the country.

Ms Muyaba said government is aware of the important role traditional leaders play in fulfilling its quest to take development to people.

Snr. Chief Mwewa pledged to give out some of his land for tourism purposes or rice cultivation investment as a symbol of the craving for the area to have development and uplifting the livelihood of its community.

The chief has also appealed to authorities to build a new police post as the current one being used was built between 1952 to 1960 and is dilapidated state.

He expressed his hope that the Musaila to Kasaba to Luwingu road would now be worked on after the after the launch of the Link Zambia massive road construction project launched by President Micheal Sata.