New Mwembezhi District finally de- linked from Mumbwa

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The newly created Mwembezhi district has officially been delinked from the parent Mumbwa after sharing assets with the parent district council.

Mumbwa District council has also provided a grant of KR430, 000 to the new district to meet some operations costs for the new district.

The de-linkage was effected yesterday during the extra-ordinary full council which was convened to share assets including manpower to the new district.

ZANIS reports from Mumbwa District that District Council Secretary Aaron Kamalondo confirmed the development in an interview, in Mumbwa today.

Mr. Kamalondo says the council has summed up the balances from all the existing accounts as at January 18 except those under the projects and arrived at KR430, 000 as a start up grant to the new council.

He said that the parent council has also allocated two vehicles in addition to the Mwembeshi constituency Keep Zambia Clean light truck.

The Council Secretary also announced that two thirds of the labour force has been transferred to the new district adding that the parent local authority will continue to pay their salaries until June.

He added that all fixed assets such as land and infrastructure, which falls within the boundaries of the new district, will belong to the new local authority.

Councilors in the new district however refused to accept the councilors’ gowns which the claimed they needed to have their own colour.

The full council has also resolved that the new local authority will be operating in Nampundwe as they wait for the construction of the new offices.

The new district which is now in Lusaka Province takes up the boundary of the whole Mwembezhi constituency which has six councilors and two more are expected to be appointed by Senior Chief Shakumbila.