Muchinga Constitutional Consultative Conference retains grade 12 minimum clause for councillors

Constitutional Consultative

Delegates to the ongoing Muchinga Province Constitutional Consultative Conference have unanimously agreed to retain the clause in the first draft constitution that will require councillors to have minimum grade 12 certificates.

In contribution to the motion, one of the delegates Chidingo Mbao said it is important that councillors have minimum grade 12 certificates if councils are to improve service delivery to people.

Mr. Chidongo attributed the current poor performance by councillors to failure to understand policy matters.

He said the minimum qualification will help improve the working relationship with technocrats who are implementers of council resolutions.

Another delegate Reverend Brain Kalobwe supported the motion saying councillors need to have qualifications like that of Members of Parliament (MP) s if the wards are to see meaningful development.

He added that councillors are MPs in waiting hence need to have qualifications like those of MPs.

He said time has come for Zambia to have competent civic leaders who can articulate issues in councils without difficulties.

But opposing the motion, Dominic Makalicha said there is no coloration between education and the ability to apply one’s self.

Mr. Makalicha argued that most graduates are not competent enough to perform to the ability despite academic qualification.

He proposed that councillors’ minimum qualifications should be set at grade 9 in order to promote inclusiveness in the district.

However, at this stage Muchinga Province Constitutional Consultative Conference Chairman Patrick Chibuye subjected the motion to a vote which the proposers of the motion to retain the clause won overwhelmingly.

The week long Muchinga Province Constitutional Consultative Conference comes to an end today where resolutions for the province will be forwarded to the National and Sector Group Convention slated for April this year.