Aged Patient abandoned in Isolation in Mazabuka District

Mazabuka District

Authorities at Mazabuka District Hospital have failed to provide health care to a 52 year old patient who was rushed to the hospital on Thursday last week after falling ill and decided to abandon the patient in the isolation room.

Mazabuka District Commissioner Eugene Munyama who quickly rushed to the hospital, today, after receiving a complaint from a relative of the  patient  failed to contain himself and shed tears after seeing for himself the situation in which the man was put in by the hospital staff.

Mr. Munyama was led by the relative to a locked isolation room inside the male ward at the hospital where he found the patient identified as Benson Mwiinga lying on the floor underneath a bed, naked and gasping for his life.

The patient was also found lying in his human excreta as there was no one to attend to him for a period of five days.

According to a narration given by the elder brother Elijah Mwiinga, the patient was taken to the hospital on Thursday by a good Samaritan.

Mr. Mwiinga , added that from the time he was admitted no treatment was given to him but was simply bundled in an isolation room.

Mr. Mwiinga further explained that today in the morning around 10 hours he visited his brother in the ward after receiving information that he was admitted there and could not find him in the male ward.

He stated that upon making further enquiries he discovered that his brother was removed from the male ward and bundled alone in the isolation room that was even locked.

A visibly affected Mr. Mwiinga explained that upon enquiring as to why his brother was neglected and not given any treatment, the nurses on duty forced him out of the ward.

He said the action by the nurses to chase him out of the ward on account that he was disturbing them forced him to report the matter to the District Commissioner for intervention.

And Mr. Munyama said he was shocked with the conduct and level of negligence on the part of medical personnel at the hospital.

He said he has failed to understand why the entire hospital staff could abandon a patient to an extent of forcing him to die on his one.

And during the visit to the ward around 16 hours, two nurses were found sitted and charting and could not even recognize the presence of the D.C who was flanked by Patriotic Front District Chairperson Gift Hanziba.

However when called upon to explain why they were not attending to the patient, the two nurses said they were not aware that there was a patient in the isolation room saying they were not informed by their colleagues during the changing of the shift at 13 hours.

The D.C further barred the nurses who quickly wanted to attend to the patient and invited various wings of government departments so that they could see for themselves what was transpiring at the hospital.

Mr. Munyama informed the authorities at the hospital that they are not fit to be in the health sector because they do not have a heart for the patients saying if the matter was not brought to his attention, the patient could have died out of negligence.

He assured that disciplinary action into the matter will be taken to ensure that all those that deliberately failed to attend to the patient are made accountable towards their action.

Mazabuka District Hospital Administrator Janet Ndhlovu failed to give any explanation towards the negligence saying what had transpired was disappointing and cannot be tolerated.