‘Wonder Boy’ Jk Launches Pistol


WITHIN one month the Barclays sports complex has witnessed three successful album launches with the latest one being Pistol by the ‘Wonder Boy’ JK.

The 14 track album was scheduled for release last Friday during the launch but the CDs have not yet reached the country and are still stuck in transit but that didn’t deter the multitudes from attending the show.

The thousands that attended were not bothered whether there was an album or not and just wanted to see the singer do his thing together with Uganda’s Navio and Ethiopias Hanni the former Big Brother Housemate.

Just like it was over a decade ago when the Balekuzembeleka star launched his first album at Mumana Pleasure Resort, so was the case at the Barclays Sports Complex where motorists had to park on the sides of the road from Bank of Zambia Sports Complex all the way to NASDEC while the other alternative parking slot at Sunset Stadium was also packed to capacity.

As usual it was the supporting acts that started the show with Danny, Exile, Hamooba, PJ and Ugandan Navio warming up the stage for the Pistol star.

The Ugandan Navio whose music is unknown to Zambia never impressed and only his fine looks charmed the ladies in the audience.

The bigger disappointment was from P Jay who failed to perform as he looked seemingly drunk and failed to do anything sensible on stage apart from showing his drunken state.

The fine vocalist was given an overwhelming response from his fans only to repay them with a shoddy live performance which he’s never done before.

The situation was however put under control when the ‘Elephant of Zambian Music’ MC Wabwino was called to introduce JK. As usual Mwana wa Leya was at his best with his live band and performed a medley of his hits from 1997 to date.

As mesmerising as ever, MC Wabwino wowed the audience and briefly gave the music history of JK http://www.lusakatimes.com/?page_id=6177dating back to 1997 when the singer joined MC Wabwino as a backing vocalist before joining the New Age band where he produced two albums with them before going solo.

After that brief history, JK was called on stage. Wearing a black shirt, a designer sky blue jacket and a tight pink pair of trousers, the Pistol singer went straight into recognising the presence of the mayor who jumped on the stage with the Miss Keep Lusaka Clean models.

The mayor thanked the Zambians for turning in numbers to support JK’s album launch and encouraged the people to also support the Miss Keep Lusaka Clean be