Footballer Joshua Bwalya, 16, stabbed to death

6-year-old Joshua Bwalya was stabbed to death on Tuesday night (Picture- family hand out:PA)

A promising teenage footballer has been named as the latest victim of the ‘senseless’ postcode gang wars in London.

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Joshua Bwalya, aged 16, was chased through the streets of Barking on Tuesday night and stabbed to death in an attack police described as ‘brutal’.

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oshua’s family said he was the victim of ‘crazy postcode’ wars and had been targeted by a gang from another estate from the one he lived on with his Zambian parents.

One of his four sisters told the Evening Standard: ‘He was just on the wrong place in the wrong time, a victim of a postcode war.

‘It was because of where he was from, not who he was, they were just after anyone. It’s shocking how innocent people are dragged into this.

‘He was a beautiful boy with his life ahead of him and now our family has been ripped apart.’

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