Parliament to amend the constitution

National Assembly
President Lungu (

Parliament yesterday approved a motion urging Government to amend the constitution so as to provide for membership of Members of Parliament to local councils and also to remove lacunas there in.

The motion moved by PF Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa was decided by a vote with 91 members voting in favour of the motion, while 52 voted against with one abstention.

In his motion, Mr. Mwewa proposed among other amendments that the country reverts to the simple majority system for the election of the president.

He said the system of going for a rerun election in the event that there was no clear winner in the first round of the vote was costly.

Mr. Mwewa also observed that under the amended constitution, there is no link between members of Parliament and councils.

He said the inclusion of Members of Parliament in the membership of the council will ensure a well coordinated approach to development at all levels within the context of decentralization.

Mr. Mwewa further stated that the exclusion of the Members of Parliament in councils is detrimental to the development of the constituencies they represent.

And contributing to debate Justice Minister Given Lubinda says he will begin the process of asking Cabinet to authorize the commencement of the process of amending the constitution.

He says the process of amending the constitution will be consultative of Members of Parliament and political parties represented in Parliament.

Mr Lubinda appealed to Members of Parliament to building consensus and ensure that going forward the constitution is less problematic.

He adds that no law stops the country from revisiting the constitution or any law of the land.



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