Thousands protest Trump Presidency across America

Trump protests
Trump protests

(CNN)They chanted anti-Donald Trump slogans. They flooded city streets. They gathered near the White House, disheartened and dismayed.

“Not my President, not today,” many across the nation yelled.
In cities from Boston to Los Angeles, thousands of demonstrators gathered Wednesday night in protest of election results that mean the billionaire real estate developer will be the next president.
As many as 5,000 people were at a protest in New York, police estimated. Among the issues being yelled about outside Trump Tower were immigration and other controversial topics from the campaign.
“I came out here to let go of a lot of fear that was sparked as soon as I saw the results,” protester Nick Powers said. He said he feared Trump will support stronger stop-and-frisk policies that would put many people in prison. He was worried that Trump’s victory would embolden sexist views.
Many of the protests were in cities with large Democratic bases — in Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.
In Chicago, people walked down a normally busy Lake Shore Drive carrying signs. Many headed to Upper Wacker Drive, where a crowd was growing near the Trump Tower. CNN’s Ryan Young estimated the throng at a few thousand people covering the street for half a mile. Many were using a vulgar chant aimed at the President-elect.
One college student showed CNN a sign that said, “I still can’t believe I have to protest for civil rights.”
“It’s been really frustrating, because as a nation we thought we had come so far but it seems like we’re taking many steps back,” another woman said, “so we want to come together to change that and make sure we keep going forward.”
In Portland, marchers chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” as they trekked through downtown. Protesters in D.C., who headed to the Trump International Hotel, shouted the same slogan. After an earlier solemn gathering at the White House a few dozen young people remained, their cries profane.
Hundred of mostly young Latino protesters marched on Los Angeles City Hall Wednesday night. As the protest grew throughout the night, protesters set on fire a piñata depicting the head of President-elect.
They chanted “I will not live in fear,” “Fight back, stand up” and “¡Si se puede!” (Spanish for “It can be done”).
Several protesters said they feared that family or friends might be deported once Donald Trump is sworn into office.
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  1. Kikikiioo am surprised, how can an African protest over an election in America? Is it Africans choosing president for America or Americans choosing their president? Our wish is’nt theirs so better accept it, otherwise we will look myopic to the whole world

  2. let them protest coz its their right but at the end of the Mr Trump is the president. Its not easy for the opposition to rig the elections.

  3. Ok. Sad faces are inevitable in any political scenario. United we will stand and divided we shall fall.

  4. danderheads are everywhere, they voted why protesting dats mediocre, maybe they thot they were just joking he cant have the majority vote?bailasha

  5. Americans learning democracy the hard way. All along you were following establishment but now you have it and it has filled your plate. Ask Kagame, Museven and Mugabe, they know the power of the dictatorship of the majority.

  6. Racism or no racism Trump is the winer. Such protests are always expected because there were more than one contesters so the wining of one is unhealthy to the supporters of the other contesters. Americans stop being cowards.

  7. Those who were bissy saying America results takes 24hours and Zambia 4 days all think the same, in Zambia some are protesting over rigging, America are doing the same as well

  8. i like trump ,give respect for the republicans ,Trump was democratically elected and such actions are
    tantamount to a breach of democratic constitution tht stipulates tht presidency is dicided through ballot

  9. One leader at a time. Were is civilisation there.we expected these guys to be better than us

  10. dont be dull you people how can the opposition rig elections respect leadership for once in your lives

  11. Most of the people protecting are Latinos and those with foreign origins. My advice to government’s particularly Africans, it’s time we take care of our citizens so that they feel comfortable home instead of disturbing other countries all the Times. We saw what happened in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks and the exchange of words between the two presidents Zuma and Mugabe!!

  12. They voted for him and its going to a long walk another 4 years of him in the driving seat .

  13. We do not protest in the street but through the ballot paper. If you fail in mobilizing voters for your candidate then you are doomed. Courts may not help.

  14. trump rigged the elections hilary clinton shud petition the elections or request 4 recount

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