Fellow Zambians, PF cannot take us anywhere – UPND


Sonta, a case of low standards

Only a lazy farmer, after tilling a small patch of land, takes off his shirt and runs into the village challenging his peers to sonta ‘epo babomba’. This is exactly what the PF are doing with the few roads and the two universities they have done. And in the case of Kapasa Makasa university, the project was started by the UNIP govt but the PF have failed to complete it after 5 years of working on it.

Infrastructural development is an on-going process in any serious country and transcends govts. If infrastructure was the all in all of governance, then UNIP would easily sweep back to power. Clearly they have more to sonta at. Equally MMD would come and sonta at a number of projects they initiated including Mongu Kalabo road and Itezhi Itezhi and Kafue lower gorge power stations. Then what will be left for PF sonta at?

One must be either be very arrogant or insane or both to be going around saying ‘sonta apowabomba’ when they themselves have done basically nothing and have instead made things worse. High unemployment, high cost of living, sustained power black-outs, poor governance, disease and illiteracy, etc. Is this what they boosting about?

Go to Ngómbe, Kanyama, Chawama and other shanties and see the squalor, the filthy, the hunger in the face of the children, ubolofya among the youth, etc. Consequently, for someone to start beating their chest in view of these challenges is a clear case of low standards and expectations. Fellow Zambians, PF cannot take us anywhere.