Pupil teargases friends


Four pupils of Chama Boarding School in Muchinga province have been admitted to Chama district hospital after their colleague teargased them.

Ministry of general education spokesperson, Hillary Chipango who confirmed the matter to ZNBC today said the disgruntled pupil is currently in Police Custody.

Mr. Chipango says 20 other victims of the same incidence have since been discharged from the hospital.

He disclosed that school authorities had suspended the named culprit when he was found in possession of Cannabis.

Mr. Chipango said it is alleged that the boy stole the tear gas canister from his brother who is a Police Officer in the District.

He says the police should discipline the boy because such behaviour by pupils is worrisome and that it shall not be entertained in schools.

Mr. Chipango has urged parents to monitor their children because as a nation it is not right to lose lives as a result of other people’s indiscipline.

The boy in question teargased his friends at a school party.