My wife forced me to be promiscous, man tells court


A WELDER from Lusaka’s Chazanga Township has told the Matero Local Court his wife forced him into having extra marital affairs by denying him his conjugal rights.
Felix Zulu, 26, told Senior Court Magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa that lack of conjugal rights in his marriage led him to find a lover to teach his wife a lesson.
Felix was narrating in a case in which he had been sued for marriage reconciliation by his wife Jessica Zulu, 23.
“The other woman is just there to assist me sexually because my wife denies me sex. The only thing is that my girlfriend is excellent in bed. I even contemplated having a child out of wedlock to teach my wife a lesson because we can’t have children if we are not having sexual relations,” he said.
Felix complained that Jessica was also in the habit of spending time at her parents’ house.
“I provide for my family, there is always food in the house but I do not know why she is always trying to make me look bad before my in-laws and her family members,” he said.

However, Jessica complained that she was the one being sexually starved especially after her husband started having extra marital affairs.
“He comes to bed fully dressed arrest and when I complained, he abandoned our matrimonial bedroom and started sleeping in the living room. He doesn’t even get excited when I caress him,” she said.
The court reconciled the couple and advised them not to deny each other their conjugal rights.