Post shooting cover-up


The Police report on the Post Newspaper shooting is incomprehensible, meaningless and at worst nonsensical.

The Police have concluded that the bullet that went through the Post Newspaper office roof was “a stray and non-lethal one because it had a standard shape and was not deformed”.
Does it mean that all stray bullets are non-lethal and are standard in shape and not deformed?
In October this year in New York a 12-year-old girl, Dejah Joyner, was killed by a stray single bullet to the head.
In the same month in Abbotsford, Columbia, a 74-year-old man was shot dead by a stray bullet.
Therefore it is not true that stray bullets are by their nature automatically non-lethal.
Would the bullet have been non-lethal if it entered the roof and struck the head of the journalist sitting directly below?
What is the meaning of the statement that the bullet was standard shape and was not deformed? Does it suggest that the bullet went through the roof and ceiling and hit the ground below without suffering any form of damage?
In the recent Paris attack a case of a cell phone stopping a speeding bullet was reported. This saved a man’s life. Surely the thickness of the roof and ceiling must have caused some damage to the bullet.
What about the impact on the ground, pictures of which were graphically shown to us? This too should have caused some damage.
Are we to understand that the bullet landed on the floor in mint condition? If so how did it penetrate the roof and from which direction did it come?
The Police must stop taking Zambians for granted and for thinking them too “thick” to comprehend simple logic. They must learn to be professional, open and transparent in explaining issues, which in this case they have failed to do.
The allegation against the Government and President Lungu in particular was that he intended to eliminate the Editor of the newspaper. The bullet was evidence that indeed there were efforts to eliminate the editor.
Against this context the police report is nonsensical.
Firstly, the Police have failed to identify specifically the type of weapon from which the bullet was fired, despite a modern forensic laboratory. According to Inspector General of the Police, Stella Libongani, the only definitive element was the caliber of the bullet, namely 7.62mm.
This bullet, according to her, is used by such rifles as AK47 rifle, She-rifle or SKS rifle.

In short the Police do not know which rifle fired the bullet. Worse still there is no explanation how the bullet entered the roof as regards direction and angle of entry to determine if this was a deliberate attack.
In short the report by the police is totally inconclusive and does not address the primary issue of the threat posed against the newspaper.
What Zambians wanted to know and which they still want to know is whether the bullet was indeed directed at the newspaper and from what distance this was done. This can only be answered by determining the angle of entry of the bullet.
It stands to reason that if it was perpendicular to the building the bullet should have gone through the roof and if it was at right angle to the building then someone with a helicopter should have shot into the building, confirming that Government was intent on hurting someone bellow.
Unless these questions are answered and specific details given this report by the Police will be seen as a cover-up intended to protect a known mischief.