RTSA to introduce effective processing of licenses


The Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) has announced plans of introducing an effective way of printing out drivers’ licenses upon passing the road tests.
The agency has hinted that the temporal drivers’ license that is issued to a motorist upon completion of the road tests will be a thing of the past as the motorist will be issued with a license there and then.
RTSA Public Relations Manager Mercy Mwila has explained to QFM News that the technological innovation that has been worked on by the agency will be introduced by next month December to enable the people obtain the actual licenses on time.
Ms Mwila says the Electronic Zambia Transport System that the agency has been using was not online but that now it will be and enable all RTSA managers to use it in the issuance of the licenses.
She says one of the greatest challenges the agency has been facing is that the system was centralized saying all licenses are currently printed in Lusaka and redistributed to all parts of the country.
Ms Mwila says the system is being used in Botswana and that Zambia is motivated to come up with such an innovation that will also help in saving resources of printing temporal drivers’ licenses.