Former deputy minister to become senior headman


Former deputy minister in late President Levy Mwanawasa’s government Alex Musanya is set to be inaugurated as senior headman Musanya in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province.

And Mr. Musanya has praised President Edgar Lungu’s campaign for a smart Zambia which he plans to spearhead in his village after his inauguration.

Confirming the development in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Musanya said he will be inaugurated as senior headman Musanya next month.

He said chief Nkweto recently confirmed him as senior headman to be in charge of 30 other headmen in the chiefdom.

The inauguration will be conducted by chief Nkweto of the Bemba speaking people.

During late President Mwanawasa’s reign, Mr. Musanya held various government and ambassadorial positions such as deputy minister for Local Government and Housing, Ministry of Energy and Water Development and Ministry of Lands.

He was deputy ambassador to Egypt and Botswana and is now in private law practice with the Zambezi Chambers in Lusaka.

And Mr. Musanya has lauded President Edgar Lungu’s campaign for a smart Zambia which he said he will spearhead in the area after his inauguration.

He said President Lungu’s recent pronouncement for a smart Zambia campaign could not have come at a better time than when he has become a senior headman.

He said he will support the President’s Smart Zambia campaign using his vast political and business experience.

Mr. Musanya said his first goal after becoming the senior headman for the area will be to liaise with relevant government authorities in order to set up a police post in the area.

He said most of the villages he will be supervising are in a hundred square kilometres stretch between Isoka and Chinsali districts respectively.

President Edgar Lungu during the opening of Parliament on September 18 this year advised Zambians to embrace transformational culture of a smart Zambia by cleaning the environment on each first Saturday of each month.