Mind your spending, buy local – Dr. Kalyalya

Edgar Lungu, Denny Kalyalya (BOZ Governor)
Edgar Lungu, Denny Kalyalya (BOZ Governor)

The Bank of Zambia has called on Zambians to be rational on how they spend resources.


BOZ Governor Dr. Denny Kalyalya says expenditures incurred on imports can be avoid by embracing locally produce goods.



Dr. Kalyalya says the country is currently spending alot of imports   most of which goods are expensive.


He says Zambians must remove the notion that its only imported goods that are of quality.


Dr. Kalyalya says most of domestic products produced locally are of high quality hence the need to buy them locally. He was speaking in Lusaka.




  1. Quality is what matters. Some local products like those of Trade Kings are simply great and people buy them. Others..well jst the packaging puts you off. I wouldn’t spend my money on an item just coz it’s local,it has to be good enough.