Stop it, the international community is laughing at us-political parties told

Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu
, Edgar lungu

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Lusaka Province chairperson Horace Longwe has urged opposition political parties to stop malicious criticism of President Lungu over power load shedding and fuel prices.

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Mr Longwe, in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, said opposition leaders have the right to advise President Lungu in confidence if they mean well.
“Opposition leaders, especially from the Rainbow Party, should desist from blaming President Lungu for an increase in fuel prices as well as load shedding.


“Insults cannot produce desired results as they produce hate and paint a bad picture about this country,” he said.
Mr Longwe said politicians who have embarked on a smear campaign against the President even over “nothing” should tone down and watch their language.

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He said the malicious criticism by some opposition leaders are not in the best interest of Zambia.
Mr Longwe said most of the critics have no good intentions as it is evident that they want President Lungu to fail.
He said all well-meaning Zambians appreciate Mr Lungu’s efforts to transform Zambia into a prosperous nation.


And PF vice chairperson for mobilisation Nigel Mpakateni expressed concern about the growing tendency by some newspapers and their allies to malign the President.
Mr Mpakateni said the unwarranted criticism and insults have potential to destabilise the country. He said the international community is laughing at Zambians for lack of respect for their President.


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  1. It’s called politics. President Lungu should silence criticism with a vision accompanied actions addressing the issue. If he is a true leader, it will be a vision for the development of energy sector that will go beyond his term/s as president and way past his and our lifetime.