Ghost haunts Luanshya family, dead mother appears at night

File pic, Ghost

A family of Twashuka compound in Luanshya is leaving in fear and has deserted their home following an alleged ghost of their deceased mother said to be appearing in the house at night since Sunday.


Son to the deceased, Patrick Mwila told ZANIS in Luanshya that his mother Alice Mubanga, 68, died on Monday last week and was put to rest on Thursday but that she started haunting the house at night on Sunday.


“I feel my mother is coming back to communicate something to us, it could be the cause of her death or the manner in which her property was shared. she appears in form of a black shadow which first appeared on Sunday night around 19:00 hours and comes every night  in the bedroom and starts  giving signs using her hands and when you leave the house she follows.” Mwila said.


He further said upon seeing the shadow, family members quickly alerted neighbours who came to witness the incident and started praying in the bedroom until the shadow disappeared and was rediscovered in the living room as people were exiting the house.


Mr Mwila narrated that the family suspected foul play in his mother’s death whose left hand became swollen after a splinter pricked her earlier this year.


The incident happened when Mr Mwila’s mother was weeding her maize field, and the hand started decomposing, leaving the bone exposed consequently leading to her death.


He added that the ghost does not harm anyone but rejects and accepts people when they try to appease his mother’s spirit.


Another eye witness Angela Mulenga said the ghost has been appearing every time they open the deceased’s house which other family members where still occupying ,the situation that has led to the family deserting the house.


She said if the house remains unopened the ghost roams the yard in form of a black shadow moving its hands and giving signals the situation that has shocked and haunted the entire community leading to people living in fear.


But the deceased’s son Mwila said the family has since engaged the clergy who will perform rituals of exorcism both at the house and the deceased’s grave tomorrow.


He added that his mother was God fearing and belonged to a strong religious group therefore deserves to rest in peace.


Mr Mwila stated that his mother spirit would only rest when she settles her scores, which she was trying to communicate with the living.


He has since appealed to well-wishers and the church to intervene with the situation and help restore calm both at their home and the community.


When asked if his mother practiced any form of magic, Mwila said she was a good woman who used the bible and herbs to help the sick but declined she practised witchcraft. 


A ZANIS crew that visited the house found the house locked with family members going about their business outside the house, saying they leave the yard as soon as night falls because that is the time the ghost appears.


  1. But why fear if the ghost is not causing any one harm? If its a way for her to communicate so that she can finally be at peace why as a family you are not ready to hear her out? unless you are know something as a family that you dont want her to expose?

  2. Call the Kadabula kadabula (magician) since these days they are found even in churches…and call themselves prophets

  3. that were I work en she was my client,pipo ve been reporting at our clinic abt it all,she was a nice woman bt dnt knw wats hapening