— Edgar advises Nakonde residents not to be cheated

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Edgar  advises Nakonde residents not to be cheated

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Nakonde, December 5, 2015, ZANIS —–  Nakonde District in Muchinga Province this afternoon came to a stand-still as Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu addressed a public rally in the town centre.



Thousands of the  residents in the area braved the scorching sun to listen to the campaign message of the PF leader.




Addressing a mammoth rally amid a chanting crowd, Mr. Lungu called on the border residents not to listen to listen to the lies of some politicians whom he described as power hungry.





Mr. Lungu said the PF would not abandon the Zambian people because doing so would be going against the principles under which the party was formed.




Mr. Lungu said the PF Government was founded on the principles of alleviating poverty and also uplifting the lives of the ordinary Zambians.




The PF leader said once voted into power after the January 20, 2015 presidential by –election he would ensure that the national cake is shared equally country-wide.




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Mr. Lungu also appealed to all the members of parliament in Muchinga Province to ensure that they deliver in their respective constituencies if they really want to return their seats in the 2016 tripartite election.




He has however, pledged to continue with the developmental projects that the late republican president Michael Sata had embarked on in the border town and elsewhere in the country.




Mr. Lungu also said that he is aware of the bad state of some portions of the Great North Road and promised that he would ensure that the road is worked on and widened to the required standards once voted into power.




Mr. Lungu has also pledged to ensure that the Township Roads in Nakonde are worked on.




On education, Mr. Lungu said that he will priotise education and ensures that schools such as Donald Siwale Secondary school are completed.



And Mr. Lungu has given the Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company up to the month end of January to sort out the water problems in the border town.




Mr. Lungu who is winding up his campaign rally in Muchinga Province after a rally in Mafinga District is accompanied by Muchinga party chairman Mwansa Kapeya, Muchinga presidential campaign coordinator Malozo Sichone who is also Isoka Member of Parliament and Member of the Central Committee Samuel Mukupa.

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